Shamil has never seen the life that he lived as unfortunate. He sees the job that his parents did raising him as anything but tremendous. By many of the stories Shamil heard as he was growing up, he wasn’t supposed to turn out the way that he did. The city that he grew up in had a high school graduation rate of 33% with a poverty rate 15% higher than the national average, but that didn’t define him. Shamil was motivated to break the mold and live beyond the stereotype cast on the city.

Shamil took pride in how hard his parents worked to keep him involved in sports and the strict habits around his education. He took the motivation that he developed and applied that to the goals that he set for himself. He wasn’t quite sure how to go about making his way through college, but his parents never made college an option - it was a requirement.


While in college, Shamil immediately fell in love with the environment and the people that surrounded him. He just couldn’t get enough of the resources that were available to him to make himself a better student and a better person. Shamil moved forward and tried to take advantage of every opportunity, training session and leadership position available to him. However, there was something missing.

Every time he would go back home and tell his friends how amazing school was and that they were missing out, there was just this blank stare. Shamil couldn’t figure out at the time, how to communicate the amount of opportunity that existed by going to college to pursue your goals. So he decided to go about making changes in his life so his friends could be motivated to do the same.


Luckily, while at school, Shamil met great mentors that took an interest in his work ethic. Understanding that hard & smart work would trump any bias that might come his way, he made it point to hustle. Shamil didn’t waste time during his first internship, which he turned into a paid opportunity just a few weeks after getting started during the summer following his freshman year. Shortly thereafter, Shamil kept his goals in front of him and continued to find other paid opportunities because he needed these potential employers to see that he would provide more value than there stipend could ever provide. He knew that he had to give his greatest effort so there was no doubt that they made the right choice.

During the spring semester before graduation, Shamil received a full-time offer to work directly in the field that he studied. He loved every moment of his opportunity. While there, he received a call that would bring him back home. He received an offer to work for a firm in his field back home where he had interned the summer following his sophomore year. While there, at the age of 23, Shamil became the youngest college board member selected for his local community college. Shamil wasn’t done yet.


Shamil wanted to learn more and improve his leadership skills. Eventually, Shamil joined the military and became an officer with honors. He began to share his story with local middle schools and college campuses. He became obsessed with self development and sharing his stories with students and young professionals looking to improve their results. Shamil has now completed his final year of law school and will be joining the law firm that he interned with during the summer prior to his graduation in law school. Have you noticed a pattern yet?

Shamil is looking to continue to share his message with other young motivated students and young professionals as he has done for the past several years. He has been called on to present workshops on networking, seminars on internships, motivational keynotes, and one-on-one coaching. He won’t quit until he knows that he has impacted the next generation of leaders, as he continues to share his story of leadership, personal development and perseverance.

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